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Hello 2019!

Happy New Year Lovelies, can’t believe its officially 2019, the year has gone by so quickly! I know a lot of people like to set themselves new years resolutions or goals, but I think after trying to stick to such goals and failing miserably the last few years, I’m going to try something different. This […]

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My Favourite Christmas Spots In London

Hey lovelies, Merry Christmas Eve! Sorry for the lack of posts these last few weeks. I have been so unwell recently and too top it off my laptop decides to stop working when I have a million deadlines to get done. But enough of the negative stuff, this week’s post includes all my favourite festive […]

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Back to University

It’s crazy to think that university starts in a few days and summer is actually over! It feels like yesterday when we broke up for the holidays and I was jetting off to Sri Lanka, and now here we are at the end of the holidays getting ready to move into a house and be […]

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