2020 Bookshelf

Hey, Lovelies!

It’s been some time since I last posted a bookshelf post and so I thought instead of doing my usually January Bookshelf, I’d do a little round-up of some of my favourite books of 2020. I’m sure many of us have spent a lot more time than usual with a book in our hands and so some of these you may have already read or even heard of but either way, I hope you enjoy today’s post and hopefully you come away from it with some reading inspiration.

Now to the good stuff!

Blood and Honey (Shelby Mahurin)

Have you ever had a reading slump? And there seems to be nothing that’ll get you out of it, well I had a major reading slump around the end of the first lockdown and I couldn’t seem to pick up a book for AGES! And then this gem of a book fell into my hands and I consumed it like there was no tomorrow. It was one of those books that I couldn’t put down and once I’d finished I was immediately online trying to find out when the next one would be out.

Blood and Honey is the second in the fantasy series Serpent and Dove and it follows the story of a witch called Louise le Blanc and Chasseur called Reid Diggory who’s been trained to take down witches. In the continuation of the series, we continue to follow Lou and Reid in their fight for good and delve deeper into the world of witches and magic.

From Blood and Ash (Jennifer L . Armentrout)

I have read my fair few amounts of Jennifer L. Armentrout books over the last few years but this one is definitely one of my favourites.

From Blood and Ash is the first installation in the fantasy series in which we meet Poppy. From a very young age, Poppy was hidden away from society, only seen by few and was rarely allowed to talk to anyone all because she was the chosen one, waiting for 18th birthday so she could fulfil her duties as the Maiden. But much the life of confinement is too much to bear and her duties seem to be weighing her down even more. The second instalment in this series was released late last year and the third is hopefully coming out sometime this year (EEEEEK!!!!).

City of Girls (Elizabeth Gilbert)

This was definitely the book of my summer!

Based in the 1940s, City of Girls delves into the world of female sexuality, promiscuity and the idiosyncrasies of true love. The story is a series of letters written by Vivian Morris (still living her life up at ninety-something years old) retelling her younger days to a bride-to-be. At the mere age of nineteen, Vivian moves to New York to live with her aunt in her playhouse theatre.

The story follows her from nineteen to ninety-two and all the adventures in between, we learn about her troubled family life, her need for freedom and the adventures waiting for young women in New York.

2020 was definitely filled with a lot of good reads!

I hope you enjoyed my 2020 Bookshelf and please drop any book suggestions in the comment section below.

Hope you all have a lovely Sunday 🙂

Love Sharuni xx

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