Farewell 2020!

Hey Lovelies, I hope everyone had a wonderful start to the new year and a lovely Christmas break!

The last few months of 2020 have been some of the longest and most tiring moments of the year. When I think back on 2020 I find it hard to separate the time spent in lockdown from the ‘new’ normal, the whole year seems like an absolute blur. But I hate the thought of moving into 2021 without acknowledging some of my favourite moments of last year. As crazy as it sounds there were some lovely memories amongst the dreary ones.

I just want to say a massive thank you to all the wonderful people in my life that have really made 2020 a special one. Like most of you, I was unable to celebrate some of my most important moments of 2020 and that was hard in itself but as always my friends and family pulled me through it. Even though we spent most of 2020 apart from each other, we were still able to be there for one another and create everlasting memories.

Before I get into my 2020 highlights, what were some of yours? I would love to hear some of your most happy memorable moments of 2020!

As we rang in 2020, I was maybe a bit too optimistic about the possibilities the new decade may bring. But not even a few months into 2020, we fell into our first national lockdown! However, that’s not to say that January and February were disappointing, in fact, they were actually quite lovely! I got to dance the night away at concerts and treat one of my closest friends to a birthday weekend in London.

Lockdown was full of highs and lows! And honestly, I can’t really remember most of it (good thing I have 1001 pictures on my phone). Here are some of my favourite lockdown moments…

The summer of 2020 was quite underwhelming, even though we had officially finished our first lockdown and things seemed to be looking a tad bit better, we were still wary about going abroad and so spent the summer going on day trips closer to home. As always, we went to our favourite flower fields and visited about 100 national trust parks.

I spent the first few weeks of September house hunting with one of my friends and luckily we found a place just before university started. I shall now be saying ‘South London Forever’ thanks to Florence Welch!

There was little to nothing happening during the autumn months and before we knew it Christmas was around the corner and I was heading back home for a month. We had a pretty calm Christmas this year and were spoiled with a bit of snow (which was fun for a bit before it all turned to sludge). Before I knew it the year had passed and I was back in London to start the next semester of university!
2020 was messy, lonely and draining but it was also heart-warming, full of love and wholesome. I’m proud of myself and all of you for getting through it!

I hope we can all look back on the past year and remind ourselves of all our accomplishments (big or small), all the people who were by our side and the memories we made.

Hello 2021!

Love Sharuni xx

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