Caring for your Mental Wellbeing when Working/Studying from Home

Hey, lovelies!

For a lot of us working/studying from home has become the new normal and much like many other things, there are pros and cons to this new lifestyle.  Amid a pandemic, working or studying from home means we’re less exposed to the outside world, our social communities and our everyday routines. However, it also means we’re helping protect those around us. 

When we first went into lockdown I felt as if time had just stood still and that we were all just experiencing a momentary pause. But now reflecting back on it, I realise that my mental wellbeing was more affected by the self-isolation than I had assumed. 

There were moments during those two or so months that I felt lost, sluggish or even unable to find the motivation to do any basic tasks. Sometimes sleep itself felt like another thing I had to tick off my to-do list. Without realising how overwhelmed I was, I somehow ignored it all and carried on as I usually would. I seemed to be making excuses for myself and procrastinated doing tasks and as the list of things piled up, time itself seemed to be slowing down.

Over the last few weeks, I have reflected a lot upon my mental wellbeing before,  during and after lockdown. I’ve tried to establish small but do-able changes which will hopefully help me look after my mental health once I start university. Some llittle changes which you could try and use to see if they help you. As we all know working from home can be quite hard and it’s best to look after yourself. 

REMEMBER: Your mental wellbeing is important!

1.         Try to keep your workspace sperate from your living space

Establishing different spaces in your home for work and ‘play’ can help you stay focused and find some sort of work/home balance. This may not always be possible, but any clear separation between the two spaces can make a whole lot of difference. It’s also best to try not to work in bed!

2.         Make sure you find time to get out of the house from some fresh air

A lot of people I have talked to have found that walking before and after their workday helps them clear their mind and separate the two environments. But nevertheless, going out for a stroll and getting some fresh air is a great way to release stress after a day of work. 

3.         Drink lots of water

If you’re anything like me, you may sometimes forget to keep yourself hydrated or just not drink at all (eek). Don’t be a Sharuni and drink water! I try and keep my water bottle on the desk whilst I work and try to remind myself to refill it when it gets empty. 

4.         Make time for yourself

For those of you who are stuck at home basically all day, make sure you have some time for yourself. If that’s to go out for a walk, do something creative, read or bake. If there’s something you enjoy doing which helps ease your mind, make sure you try and find some time to do it. 

Look after yourselves and I hope you find this post helpful!

Love Sharuni x

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