A Post-Lockdown Catch-Up

Hey Lovelies, I hope everyone is well!

It’s been a while since I last posted on my blog and so I thought before we get back to our usual weekly blogs, I would give you a little round-up of the last few months. These past few months have been all over the place, not only were we in lockdown but I was nearing the end of my third year at university, which meant I had A LOT of deadlines! 

During the past few months, life had momentarily stopped, I felt as if all the days had blurred into one. We were living in a world where the even imagining what the future holds was so out of reach. Time was and will always be a social construct, but that didn’t really hit me until I had no awareness of time passing. But somewhere in the merging of days, I had found myself seeking social contact, seeking comfort and love. 

I think during times of isolation, where we find ourselves without our daily comforts, we find those same comforts from other places, we find joy in something else. It’s in those comforts we find ourselves. We realise that what we thought we needed may not have given us the joy we were really looking for, or we found that joy in something more humbling. 

More importantly, I realised how important our family and friends are. How even when there is a physical distance between us, we can still seek comfort and love from those dearest to us.  When we’re willing to sacrifice our freedom to make sure others are safe, and even the smallest of sacrifices can make a big difference for someone. I found myself, trying harder to keep-in-touch with my loved ones, to find things to do with each other even if we’re not together and still being able to find joy in those moments. 

As I mentioned before, I spent the majority of the lockdown finishing off my degree and submitting my dissertation. I’d never of thought that I’d spend the better half of my last year at university not at university with my friends, to think at the start of this year we were collecting data from our participants and then all of a sudden I’m stuck at home trying to get through my deadlines without my head literally exploding. But as much as I complain about having to finish my degree at home and through online-teaching, I’m still grateful for being able to finish my degree in the first place. Just knowing that I was still able to submit my dissertation and say that I’ve earned a degree is pretty amazing. Studying is a privilege and being able to go to university is an even bigger privilege. It may not be for everyone but to say you have the choice of going or not is something in itself. 

My mental wellbeing has been stretched in ways it’s never been before, and I have faced depths of loneliness and depression I have never experienced. In those moments, I dreaded being on my own, even when I was with other people, but it was in those low bouts that I found myself reflecting on what I am grateful for. For those of us who struggled these past few months, I just want to say you’ve done so well and I hope you are just as proud of yourself as I am of you. I know it hasn’t been easy, but by abiding by these rules, you have helped save so many lives.

I hope you’re well and that these past few months have taken too much of a toll on you. I would love to hear about the beautiful mundane things you got up to during the lockdown, If that’s baking, reading or starting a new project. 

I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things but until then I hope you all have a lovely week!

Love Sharuni x

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