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Hey Lovelies!

2019 was the year of gigs, new songs and some of my favourite karaoke parties! And so i think it’s about time I wrote my first ‘Soundtrack/Playlist of…’ post and what better way to start it than a roundup of my favourite tunes of 2019.  Whilst most people who listen to music on Spotify get a yearly Wrap-up, I don’t tend to listen to music on Spotify and so instead this is mainly based on music I feel like I’ve enjoyed listening to rather than I have spent most time listening too. 

Album of The Year: Fine Line by Harry Styles

I think we all knew this one was OBVIOUSLY going to be number one, there was absolutely no doubt about it. However, I can’t deny that I have listened to some pretty amazing albums this year and if Harry Styles didn’t drop this masterpiece I definitely would’ve struggled to pick an album. 

Favourite New Artist: Ben Platt

2019 was the year I discovered Ben Platt and for that I am grateful! I have listened to his album countless of times and I can’t see myself getting bored of it at ALL. 

Song That Makes Me Happy: Juice by Lizzo

Another one of my favourite artists from 2019 who also released  an AMAZING album! 

Song That Got Me Dancing: Dancing Queen 

This one isn’t technically from 2019 but it’s that one song that without a doubt will get me on my feet dancing and singing like there’s no tomorrow .

Best Gig: TWO Nights of Hozier

THIS MADE MY YEAR! Being front row for at the Palladium TWICE to see Hozier perform was definitely one of my highlights of 2019. 

Most Seen Artist Live: George Ezra

Last year, I saw George Ezra perform THREE times and each time was better than the last! 

Sweatiest Gig:  Wild Youth  or Lauv

Honestly I don’t know which was the sweatiest but I know for a fact that I danced my socks off at both! 

Karaoke Song: Mamma Mia Soundtrack

The Mamma Mia soundtrack is a must at our karaoke parties! 

Love Sharuni xx

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