25 Before 25

Hey Lovelies!

In less than 4 months I will be turning 22 and I thought it was about time I make my very own ’25 before 25’ list. I’ve always had a mental list of things I either wanted to experience or achieve before I turned 25 and so to make it more official I’m putting it on paper (or online). Some things are definitely more achievable than others but a girls gotta dream, right? 

  1. Cook a proper three course dinner for friends 
  2. Put more time into my blog
  3. Perfect my blog layout and archives 
  4. Be more dedicated to the Radio/Podcast
  5. Get a tattoo
  6. Worry less
  7. Candle making course 
  8. Drink more water
  9. Have a day playing tourist in my own city
  10. See more of Italy
  11. Try Yoga 
  12. Save up
  13. Spend more time with family
  14. Make the most out of my Young Persons railcard 
  15. Go strawberry picking!!!
  16. Bake more – preferably vegan
  17. Go on a Hot Air Balloon 
  18. Visit Canada 
  19. Buy more people experiences than material items 
  20. GIGS!!!!  
  21. Have more picnics with friends (in the summer)
  22. Explore more of the UK 
  23. Read more classics 
  24. Visit Sri Lanka Again 
  25. Be Excited for the Future

Love Sharuni xx

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