A Final Farewell to 2019! #1

Hey Lovelies, here’s a little round-up of some of my favourite moments of 2019!

Towards the end of 2018 I downloaded the app ‘One Second A Day’ and I was determined to take it seriously. And with some motivation to compile my life in to a short video, I now have a 365 second video (also known as 6 mins and 5 seconds), and I must admit it’s quite a weird way of reflecting back on a whole year of your life. 

This week I finally looked back at the video and it was actually quite amazing! This past year had been quite a whirlwind and I think taking the time to make this video and then being able to watch it back has made me really appreciate some of the wonderful things I have been able to do this past year. I think sometimes we don’t give ourselves the credit we deserve and so we tend to downplay some of the most exciting moments in our life. So, in appreciation for the past year and all the amazing moments it’s made up of, I thought I would reflect on some of my favourite moments from each month this year.  

But before we that, I’d like to take a moment to thank all my friends and family for sticking with me and being a part of some of my favourite life moments. Over the past year I have been through many lows and highs and I have to say that no matter how I look back at this year, I will always remember some of the wonderful things I have been able to do and for that I am endlessly grateful. 


January tends to be quite a slow month but this year I went all out, there was no stopping Sharuni! I started the year off with a weekend in Leicester to surprise one of my closest friends, Patricia, on her 21st birthday! The next weekend, I went back home so I could say a last goodbye to Patricia’s kittens before they were all adopted (and cried at their cuteness). To end what I would say is a pretty fun start to the year I had a spontaneous photoshoot in my back garden and saw one of my favourite bands perform live, THE 1975!  


Patricia came down for a weekend at the start of February for a belated birthday present, we went to see The Lion King and had a late-night walk around London in the freezing cold, which sums up a pretty fun weekend. Later that week we had our first karaoke party of 2019 and it was BLOODY AMAZING! I am without a doubt a pro at karaoke (NOT!). And as always one of my favourite monthly traditions – a house trip to the theatre to see A Comedy About A Bank Robbery and I don’t think I have laughed so much during a play.  


If there was ever a time you could call me a gig addict, March was definitely the month to prove that. Not only did I see The Internet perform live but I also saw both The Script and George Ezra! WHAT A MONTH TO BE ALIVE! One of my favourite things to do for self-care is to take myself out on dates and March was full of me-dates, I started off with a day trip to Kew to see the Orchid exhibition and then later that month I went to see the beautiful Dior exhibition at the V&A. And finally, one of my other best friends, Conny came to London for a weekend of Hamilton (WHICH I LOVE!!!) and bantering around one of my favourite cities.


Exams were closing in and so I spent most of April at home revising which honestly sounds as fun as it was. But something exciting did happen during the bleak month of April, I turned 21! ARGHHHH! And to celebrate I spent a sunny morning prancing around Greenwich park marvelling at all the pink blossom trees. 


The dreaded exam month was upon us and sadly I spent the majority of the first few weeks of May either in an exam room or at home stressing about an upcoming exam. And then we were hit with some of the hottest days in London and with exams behind us we made the most out of it, everything from a birthday picnic in Primrose Hill, multiple trips to the theatre to see Mamma Mia and All My Sons and a dance party with Wild Youth! And what better way to end May than seeing James Bay perform live and MEETING HIM!!!!! 


SUMMER IS HERE! I started off the summer holidays with a week in Edinburgh with Tania, eating all the vegan food and getting drenched in the rain. And then come back to London in time for Capital’s Summertime Ball – AND WHAT A DAY IT WAS!!!! And to tie it all up in a neat bow I had another fun and exciting shoot with my favourite Alex Cameron. 

Love Sharuni xx

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