A Week Without Social Media

Hey lovelies!

A few weeks ago, I decided to take a break from social media and cut down my overall phone usage. And it was hard!

I think we are all go through periods where the internet can be so overwhelming and all we want to is hide from it but then it’s also something we’ve become dependent on and so we find ourselves in an emotional tug-of-war . 

I have started to notice a real change in my mood when I’m on social media, the mere action of scrolling through Twitter or instagram seems to have quite an impact on my mental health especially when I’m already feeling a little insecure or sad.

This wasn’t my first social media cleanse but it definitely was the most effective and I think that was mainly because I was much more persistent this time to actually go about my life without having to constantly feel like I need approval from other people and more importantly to have a week of selfceare and self-reflection without having to compare my life to others.

There were a handful of steps I followed to stop myself from using social media during the week:

  1. Block all social media apps on my phone – if that was by deleting them altogether or just locking myself out of them 
  2. Make sure someone else knows what you’re doing, someone that will ensure you don’t have a peek even if you really want to because it can be quite hard to fight the temptation
  3. Find other activities to keep you occupied in the time you would usually spend scrolling, for instance whilst on the tube instead of mindlessly staring at my phone I would read a few chapters of a book

There obviously so many more helpful things that you can do to cut down the time you spend on social media and your phone. And I have found that the best way about it is to try as many different techniques and see what works best for you. But most importantly, even if you fail the first time that doesn’t you should give-up all together because habits cannot be broken overnight. 

Over the seven days I think I learnt so much about my dependence on social media and how I reliant I am on my phone. I’m constantly reaching for it when I’m bored, tired or just trying to pass time. Our phones are amazing things and we can do so much on them but that doesn’t mean we HAVE to be on them all the time, in fact taking time away from them is probably one of the best things you can do for your mental health. There are many benefits to social media but they can only be positive if we use them effectively and if we know when we need to step away from it. Most importantly, don’t allow it to become this thing you use to compare yourself to others because what people put online is only the best bits of their lives and there is so much more happening behind those pictures that you can’t see.

Love Sharuni xx

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  • INFINITY says:

    This is an amazing post. Thank you for that. You have inspired me to do the same. I’m the owner of 6 communities on MeWe myself and whole day sitting on Social media. It affects my life, health, mental state. I will follow your tips and will detach myself for a week applicable from Jan 1st and will observe my life without phone and SM. Thank you again

  • I’m so glad it’s helped! Hope it goes well x