December Bookshelf

Hey lovelies, it’s time for our favourite post, the monthly bookshelf!

Shelf Life (Livia Franchini)

First up on this month’s bookshelf is Shelf Life by Livia Franchini, I found this book in an independent bookshop somewhere in Dalston and I fell in love with the premise as soon as I read it.

The book is about a middle-aged woman (Ruth Beadle) who has just recently been dumped by her boyfriend of 10 years (Neil). The story follows Ruth post break-up trying to find her feet again and her reflection on her relationships. The story is quirky, awkward and fresh (according to the guardian)! And definitely an interesting eye-opening read. 

Talking With Serial Killers  (Christopher Berry-Dee)

Christopher Berry-Dee is a criminologist who has interviewed some very notorious serial killers. In this book Berry-Dee talks us through some of his insights into these serial killers and recalls some of their own words about their crimes. The reviews are very mixed and it’s definitely not an easy-read but for those interested in crime and psychology it’s definitely a must read. 

Warning: there is a lot of in-depth description of some of the crimes committed by the serial killers! 

Queenie  (Candice Carty-Williams)


Queenie is one of the first books I have read that has not only portrayed the hardships women face with relationships, mental health and sleazy guys but also has a kick-ass BLACK FEMALE lead! FINALLY!!!! 

At 25, Queenie is verging on a breakdown, adrift in her job on a newspaper, col-shouldered by her long-term boyfriend and trying to put everything back together. With the help of her friends and family, Queenie begins to turn her life upside-down and find order amongst all the chaos. 

Go read it NOW!

Queen of Nothing (Holly Black)

In the finale to Holly Black’s Folk of the Air trilogy, we follow Jude in her final adventure! 

After being exiled, Jude, the Queen of Faerie is powerless and hurt after Cardan’s betrayal but as always determined to help her family she travels back to Elfhame to find it in the brink of war. For all the Folk of the Air fans this finale is a whirlwind of drama and romance! For those who haven’t read this trilogy yet, what are you waiting for ?! 

Sky in The Deep (Adrienne Young)

Part Wonder Woman, part Vikings – and all heart. 

Sky In the deep is about Eelyn of the Aska clan and their ancient rivalry with the Riki clan. The story is about love, family and fighting to stay alive! Having to face her betrayal and having no choice but to work with Fiske from the Riki clan, we follow Eelyn as she confronts her definition of loyalty and family as well as putting her faith in the people she has spent her life hating. 

Hoped you loved this month’s bookshelf and I’ll see you in the New Year with more!

Love Sharuni x

//11th December 2019// 

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