Hello Third Year!

Hey Lovelies, I’m officially back and October is in full swing but sadly, so is my final year at university (cue sad crying face). 

To help ease my mind, I’ve decided to get my organisation skills up-to scratch and actually stick to them this year. Unlike second year, where after a few months of attempting to plan out my weeks and trying to stay on top of deadlines, I’d totally given up. eEven though I wasn’t as ‘on it’ as I wanted to be, I never felt totally lost but I think I have learnt from my past experiences and I know that I feel much more organised and on top of my shit when I have a routine.

In a usual university week, I have around 7 hours of contact time through lectures and then the rest of the time is meant for independent reading/studying. So, I thought I would share with you what I am hoping my week will look like.

Monday: I have uni in the evening and I usually meet friends for coffee which means I have a few hours in the afternoon to get some work done. This usually consists of finishing off any lecture notes or doing some last-minute reading for any of my modules. 

Tuesday: I don’t have uni on Tuesdays so I try and spend these days writing a blog post and in the future I’ll use the time a bit more effectively, by eating any assignment work done.

Wednesday: once again I have a late start (like really late in the evening) and so Wednesday mornings is spent having another look of the reading for my lecture and going over lecture notes in advance. But once again, this will obviously change as the weeks go on and as my dissertation starts to progress.

Thursday: My longest day in uni (a whole 4 HOURS) and also my last day in the week, so I usually don’t get much time before uni to get stuff done other than house chores and then once I’m home I tend to be very drained and so, if I can I’ll. try to finish one of my lecture notes. 

My long weekends are spent relaxing, catching up with friends and making sure I’ve gone over all my lecture notes, finished my reading and just preparing for the week ahead. I like to make sure I have at least a few hours a week where I do something fun, either by myself or with my friends. Otherwise, it’s very much trying to keep on top of my uni work and making sure I have a good work/life balance. 

As the year progresses and deadlines get closer, some weeks will definitely be more hectic than others, but I think it’s important to keep on top of things as early as you can, so you don’t get overwhelmed by it later. Try to stick to some kind of routine and just make sure you get those small tedious tasks done, so you have time for yourself and for the more important deadlines/tasks. 

Even though, third year is the most important year and you obviously want to work your hardest, so you can get the best grade. I think it’s also important to enjoy it as much as possible, enjoy being around your friends and not having to worry about the big wide world for a few more months. Enjoy being young and stress-free (or at least less stressed) because once it’s over you’ll miss it and you want to be able to look back and not have any regrets.

Love Sharuni xx

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