Postcards From Athens

Hey lovelies, hope you’ve all had a lovely summer break with your friends and family! 

This week’s post is a ‘week in’ post all about of some of things we got up to whilst in Athens and some of my favourite Greek mythological places that you should definitely visit. I’m going to talk you through some of things I think you should do whilst in Athens and some tips that we learnt whilst we were there. 

Day 1: The Acropolis and The Acropolis Museum

We arrived into Athens around midday, which gave us plenty of time to start our holiday on the get-go. And what better way to start a trip in Athens then literally hiking up the Acropolis! The views of Athens from the top are AMAZING and being surrounded by so much history and learning about Greek mythology was so magical. Some of the beautiful architecture you’ll see at the top of the acropolis are:

  • The Parthenon
  • The Temple of Athena Nike
  • The Old Temple
  • The Pandrosion
  • The Sanctuary of Zeus Polieus
  • The Pandion Sanctuary

Tip 1: I would highly recommend you get a tour guide for the Acropolis, not only will they tell you all about the history and culture of Athens and the Acropolis but they will guide you to the top, whilst making sure to stop at all the important archaeological sites.

Tip 2: TAKE WATER! It gets HOT up there especially during the peak of summer

After spending the evening exploring the Acropolis, we made our way down to the Acropolis museum. It’s here where you can find preserved artefacts from the ruins and learn a bit more about the history of the Acropolis. 

Day 2: Exploring Athens and Temple of Poseidon 

On our second day In Athens we started off our day at Syntagma Square which is at the foot of the old Royal Palace which is now a parliament building. As gorgeous as the square is during the day, it is definitely worth while visiting during the evening when the fountain is light and dancing. A short walk away from Syntagma Square is the Nationals Gardens of Athens, which was a lovely spot to stop off and have a stroll around. Next stop was the Temple of Olympian Zeus and Arch of Hadrian, definitely one of my favourite stops during our trip to Athens, right after the Acropolis. After a spot of lunch, we headed back to our hotel to get ready for some pretty exciting evening plans. 

Tip 3: if you are a student, then definitely take your student card as there a lot of entrance fee’s which are either free (for EU students) or half price!

After a fun filled day exploring Athens, we booked an excursion to Cape Sounion. Which was just over an hour’s drive from Athens. In Cape Sounion is The Temple of Poseidon, which has some beautiful views of the ocean, especially during sunset. I cannot express how wonderfully amazing this trip was! 

Day 3: Day Trip to Delphi 

Our third day in Athens was definitely the longest and most tiring, and honestly I’m not too sure if I could say it was worth it. 

Delphi itself was beautiful and learning about the history of the Oracles was insightful but the trip itself that we choose wasn’t the best. We spent most of the day travelling to and from Athens (about 6 hours altogether) and even thought we knew that beforehand, I was still expecting more from the excursion. For that reason, I think I didn’t enjoy the trip as much as I wanted to. However, saying all that I think if you look into the excursions available and find a good one then definitely go to Delphi.  

Day 4: BEACH DAY!!

Spent the majority of the day lazing around on the beach, having a swim in the cold water on one of the warmest days in Athens during our trip. An all-round amazing day, soaking up the sun and enjoying one of the amazing beaches Greece has to offer. 

Day 5: Plaka 

We spent our final day exploring Plaka and it was honestly so lovely, I immediately fell in love with the cobbled streets and the cute little shops. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post! 

Love Sharuni xx

//4thSeptember 2019//

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