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If you follow me on Instagram (@sharuniranjan) than you may already know that I went to New York two weeks ago (16th – 25th) and so I thought I’d tell you all about my trip and what we got up too. Our trip was a bit longer than a week but I thought for this blog I would write about how to spend 7 full days in New York.

Side note: During our trip the was extremely temperamental and so take that into consideration when you read this blog. 

Day 1:  Hello NYC!

First day in New York and I was extremely excited! 

Stop number one, the New York Public Library and what a visit it was, if you’re a bookworm it’s definitely a must see. Saying that, even if you’re not a book lover I’d still recommend you visit the public library just to see the amazing interiors. A short walk from the Public Library is the Grand Central Terminal, another gem of New York, especially for its interiors. If you’re feeling up for it, maybe have a little picnic or stroll in Bryant Park because its gorgeous! 

Side note: Try to walk around as much as NYC as you can, allowing yourself to really take it all in and you never know, you may even find some hidden little nooks. 

For the first part of our trip we bought a three-day pass for the Hop-on Hop-off bus and so spent that afternoon having a quick whiz tour of NYC. I would definitely recommend getting a three day-pass for any of the bus tours because they not only have a range of bus tours around the city but also include a boat trip called the Circle Line Liberty Cruise.

We ended our first day on the top level of the Top of The Rock in a thunderstorm during sunset and it was BLOODY BRILLIANT.

Day 2: Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island

The second day of our trip was taken up mostly by visiting the Statue of liberty and Ellis Island, I’d say we spent around 6 hours altogether, which also included a boat trip to and from the Statue of liberty. If you’re planning to go to the Statue of Liberty and/or Ellis Island I would say book it in advance and be prepared for whatever the weather sends your way, especially when visiting the Statue of Liberty because there’s not a lot of coverage to hide under from rain or shine. 

Honestly, if you don’t have the time to visit the islands than I’d recommend going on a boat trip around the Statue of liberty instead, it’s just as good and takes less time, that way you can fit more things into your day that you may enjoy more or that are more weather appropriate. 

Day 3: The High Line and Chelsea

Third day in and my feet have already started to ache but it’s so worth it!

The High line is a 1.5-mile-long abandoned rail track turned into elevated park which runs from the Hudson Yards to the northern edge of Chelsea. The park is full of wildflowers. greenery, outdoor art installations and some spectacular views of New York’s skyline. We decided to make venture across it during a very sunny Friday and it was spectacular. 

Starting off on the side of the Hudson yards, we had a quick peep of the Vessel and its beautiful architecture and then made our way towards the end of the High Line in Chelsea. A short walk from the High Line (on the Chelsea side) is Chelsea Market, definitely a must see if you’re in the Chelsea area. 

A short walk from the Chelsea markets is the Flatiron Building and Madison Square Park, a nice little way to break up your day and admire another lovely park New York has to offer as well as it’s exceptional architecture.

Day 4: Central Park and The MET

Sunday was one of the hottest days in New York during our trip and so what better way to spend it than in NYC’s most famous park, Central Park. 

Side note: it is very easy to get lost in central park but if I were you I would aim for the fountains and lake which are stunning! 

I LOVE THE MET! I think that’s all I need to say, it speaks for itself and honestly I don’t even have to sell it because it sells itself. I honestly, don’t think I can put into words how amazing this museum really is, so much history, art and culture. YOU HAVE TO VISIT IT!

Day 5: Venturing around Brooklyn 

I spent one day in Brooklyn and I fell in love!

We started our day in Brooklyn with a quick visit to the Brooklyn Museum to see some of their art exhibitions including the well-known The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago and personally I’d visit the museum just to see this powerful feminist exhibition. After stopping for some amazingly yummy waffles we had a lovely stroll through Prospect park and too top it off the weather was lush. 

After a lovely day exploring Brooklyn, we made our way towards the Brooklyn Bridge, which definitely has some beautiful views of New York’s skylines. If you have the time I would 100% recommend you walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to really take it all in!

Day 6: SoHo and Little Italy 

During our day exploring SoHo and Little Italy I explored some of New York’s Instagram hot spots, which I’ll be talking about in a future post, so for now all I’ll say is that this part of Manhattan is worthy of a stroll, full of street art, good food and lots of shops.  

After what I’d say was a lovely day exploring this nook of Manhattan, we spent the evening taking in the history of the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, probably the most emotional part of our trip but also such an inspirational and uplifting one. To hear the story behind how a city came together after such a horrific event was so heart-warming! 

Side note: All I want to say is be respectful of the memorial

Day 7: Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights Prominade 

Finishing of the trip with a wander around one of my favourite parts of the city, Brooklyn. Starting off with a little wander through Dumbo, where you can find some amazing views of the Manhattan Bridge. A short walk away from Dumbo is the Brooklyn Heights Prominade, where you can find some amazing views of not only the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Skyline.  Get some ice cream and just enjoy watching the boats float along the East River!

I hope this post gives you an insight into New York and all it has to offer because it was definitely one hell of a trip for me. 

Love Sharuni xx

//4th August 2019//

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