Cutest Coffee Shop in London

Hey Lovelies, Happy July!

So, by now you will all know how obsessed I am with cute coffee shops and if you’ve been around for a while you will also know that one of my favourite coffee shops is by far Peggy Porschen. 

Before we get into why I love it so much, I want to make it clear that it’s not the cheapest coffee shop in London, but honestly, there cakes are to die for and so worth it!

Side note: the Hamilton soundtrack is AMAZING, it’s really getting me into the whole blog post writing mood. 

Peggy Porschen is well known for its floral pink aesthetic and all-round beautiful pastel building. Sometime last year I also published a little post about this gem of a café but it’s been a while since I last bragged about it, not but seriously that’s a bit outdated and we all love posts about coffee shops. There are so many amazing coffee shops around London, one for any occasion I’d say, but Peggy’s has always been one I’ve gone to meet up with friends and so it’s known to bring me lots of happy memories and good vibes. 

Whenever I think of sitting in a coffee shop with friends or family, having a proper little natter over a cuppa tea or coffee, it may sound weird, but it makes me feel so adult, like I’ve got my shit together (which I don’t!). And even though Peggy’s isn’t the only coffee shop I love going to, it is one of the first ones I take my friends too if they’re in London. Out of all my favourite coffee shops, it’s probably the one that people most associate with me and my aesthetic, all it needs now is a bunch of dogs and it’s basically me. 

Another thing I love about Peggy’s is there attention to detail, if that’s through their menu or how they decorate their coffee shops. No matter the season, you can always rely on Peggy’s to do something special for all the seasonal holidays, if that’s pumpkins for Halloween or flowers for summer. They also always have special seasonal drinks and cakes just to tie it altogether. What else could you want?!

If you enjoyed this post and want more coffee shop content or just more London content in general I’d love to hear your suggestions. Hope you all have a lovely July! 

Love Sharuni xx

//1st July 2019//

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