72 hours in Edinburgh

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Last week, I had a little getaway to Edinburgh for five days with one of my besties and I thought what better way to document my trip than to write a post about it. In this post,  I thought I would share some of my favourite places to visit and eat, as well as why I love Edinburgh. 

We were quite lucky in the sense that our Airbnb was relatively close to the Royal Mile, which meant we could spend the first day walking along it and trying to hit as many of the attractions as we went along. The royal mile is full of some of the main attraction in Edinburgh, including Edinburgh Castle, The Whiskey Experience, St Giles Cathedral and Camera Obscura. There are also a number of shops, restaurants and cafes along it, so definitely a great place to find some food or just to get out of the rain. I would say if you were planning to visit Edinburgh Castle and want to wander around than definitely book it in advance as the queues can get quite long, but other than that most of the attractions you can see it at your own pleasure. Camera Obscura is a MUST see and I honestly wouldn’t leave Edinburgh without checking it out. 

Edinburgh also has some historical gothic-esque monuments that are honestly a sight for sore eyes, especially the Scott Monument, just over the bridge in the New Town. Also, for those rainy days, I suggest popping into some of the many museums Edinburgh has to offer, if that’s the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, National Museum of Scotland or the  Scottish National Gallery. During our trip, we visited the Scottish National Portrait Gallery and the National Museum of Scotland, both were architecturally beautiful and also full of history, such a nice way to get out of the rain and learn more about the history and culture of Edinburgh. 

Most of my food suggestions are vegan/vegetarian but that’s not to say there aren’t other yummy restaurants/cafes in Edinburgh. One of my favourite’s pub-style restaurants was definitely Harmonium, the food was absolutely delicious and the atmosphere was very chilled. If you’re looking for a cute little café, Holy Cow in New Town is definitely one of my favourites, such a cute place to sit and read or have a chat with friends. And for any Italian lovers, I would definitely recommend Nova Pizza, the food was heavenly! 

Stand Comedy Club is a must if you are visiting Edinburgh, it’s cheap and the acts are hilarious. We loved it so much we went for two nights and I have to say both nights were brilliant. I suggest you try and book this in advance, or at least the night before you plan to go and I would also suggest that you arrive 15 minutes before doors open so you can have the first pick of the seats/tables. The venue is quite small and has a little bar inside which sometimes serves food and the prices are pretty decent, so overall the whole experience was a solid 10/10. 

The best way to explore Edinburgh is definitely by foot, so make sure to take comfy/appropriate footwear. And it’s quite easy to walk around the Old Town and New town without getting lost, but be aware that google maps can be quite confusing and so it’s much easier to ask the locals. Honestly, we had such a lovely few days in Edinburgh and it’s such a nice way to get away from the hustle and bustle of London. I hope you enjoyed the post and make sure to keep your eyes peeled for another post about Edinburgh.

Love Sharuni xx

//21st June 2019// 

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