Photoshoot with Alex Cameron (2)

Hey Lovelies!

As a little post-exam treat, I recently had a little shoot with the absolutely amazing Alex Cameron (@Alexcameron), now If you’ve been reading these posts for a while you’ll know that I’ve done many shoots with Alex in the past and I have to say she is so bloody talented. Alex is honestly one of my favourite people to shoot with, not only does she make me feel comfortable in front of the camera but the pictures always turn out amazing. 

My journey with my insecurities has always been a rocky one and it’s still something that I’m working on. And for someone who’s not that great in front of the camera, especially when it comes to shoots, I think it’s important to find a photographer who not only makes you feel comfortable but also knows how to bring out the best in you. Someone who gives you lots of positive feedback and guides you through the shoot, if that’s directing you on how to pose or just making you feel confident in how you’re posing. 

In the last year and half, I have had the chance to shoot with Alex three times and each one was special in its own way. The first ever shoot I had with Alex was not long after I had moved to London and started uni, the second time was at the end of first year and just recently at the end of second year. They all mean a lot to me and the pictures from all of them are wonderful and really highlight everything that’s me. 

This time around, we went for something a little different and something that very much me. It’s definitely one of my favourite shoots and for something so last minute and very unplanned the pictures are vibrant, floral and beautiful. 

For someone who is quite new to the whole photo shooting experience and who has only done it a handful of times, I would definitely recommend it for anyone who wants a boost of confidence. It’s such a lovely way to get out of your comfort zone and the end results are amazing, and for anyone feeling extra confident then I would 100% recommend you email Alex about her confidence shoots because they look AMAZING! 

I hope you all have a lovely day! 

Love Sharuni xx

//12th June 2019// 

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