Floral Love

Hey Lovelies! 

So, this week’s post is a bit of a special one, well for me anyway, cause it’s all about FLOWERS!!!!

A few months ago, I had a little wander around Chelsea, one of my favourite places in London to just have a stroll through when the weathers nice and I stumbled upon one of my favourite florists Moyses Stevens. The one thing I love about this particular florist is that the staff always seem to know exactly what I’m asking for, which usually is something colourful and warm. And for someone who loves flowers but has absolutely no idea on what goes well together, arrangement wise, the staff at Moyses Stevens are extremely helpful and I always end up leaving with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a smile on my face.

Ever since I moved into my uni house,  I have made it my number one mission to always have fresh flowers in the house. Usually, I’ll pick some up from our local supermarket but every now and again I love to splurge a bit and treat myself to something a little special which really brightens the mood of the house. Now I must admit, I don’t always get a chance to buy flowers, either because I’ve forgotten (which is 99% of the time) or I can never find a bouquet I really like.

There is something so warm and lovely about having flowers in the house, it really makes a house feel like a home and it’s such a lovely way to brighten everyones mood especially after a stressful day at uni.

and in case anyones wondering flowers are the way to my heart, buy me a bouquet and I’ll just melt!

I hope you enjoy these beautiful pictures of the flowers and have a wonderful week. 

Love Sharuni xx

//5th June 2019//

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