Being Comfortable In Your Own Skin

Hey Lovelies, this weeks post is all about being comfortable in your own skin and learning to love yourself!

Loving yourself is so important but it’s also something that doesn’t happen over night, in fact, it can take some people years to truly love themselves. over the last few years, I have learned that you’re not always going to feel comfortable in your own skin and sometimes you can’t see how truly beautiful you are. And even when you do feel a little more confident you somehow always find a flaw within yourself.

The road to self-love is an emotional one, coming to the realisation that things you see as a flaw make you unique isn’t something everyone finds easy to do. Honestly, even after you start to accept yourself, it doesn’t mean that society will also accept you. As much as I want to say society has developed and changed, there are still some people who refuse to accept that everyone is beautiful no matter how they look. 

There will be moments in your life where you feel insecure and maybe even a little down, but you will also have moments of utter joy where you feel beautiful, confident and strong. All these experiences, emotions and feelings are a big part of who you are, don’t take them for granted but most of all let the ones that make you shine define you. If you feel happy within your skin then you’ll feel more confident!

If only we had a set of rules to tell us how to feel more comfortable within our own skin. But the process is so different for each individual, so it is very important you never compare yourself to others or try to live by their standards but most of all change yourself to make them happier.

I think even to this day I am not truly in love with myself, but I hope with time, patience and acceptance, I will start to love the flaws and embrace my personality. 

Be true to yourself!

Love Sharuni xx

//28th April 2019//

Photos take by Shweta Shukla (@shwetafilms)

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