Hello 21!

Hey Lovelies, hope you’re all enjoying this beautiful spring weather. we’re having!

This week, I thought I would share my top 5 favourite moments from the last year (my 20th birthday). There will hopefully be a lot more birthday posts coming your way once exams are over and lots more content in general over the summer holidays.

Sri Lanka will probably be my most treasured memory, not only because it means a lot to my parents but because it’s that small part of me that I never truly knew until last year. Out of all the places I have seen, Sri Lanka will hopefully be the one I visit the most often.

Sunset in Jaffna

Meeting James Bay! HE IS THE SWEETEST!

Doing things that make me happy! Taking care of yourself and your wellbeing should always be a number one priority.

Turkey is also on this list, not because of the destination but because of the holiday itself, it was the first trip in ages where I felt 100% relaxed, where there wasn’t any. pressure to do 101 things in a week and instead I spent that time having a much needed break from life. It’s so important to have those trips where you really unwind and take a step back from everything thats happening back. at home.

CONCERTS! There have been so many amazing concerts last year and there will be many more this year, I can’t wait.

My Insecure Girls Club Post is one of my most proudest moments! Being able to tell people some of your least known insecurities and for them to say they. also have them was so nice to hear because for once I didn’t feel like I was the only person. I love this page and everything it stands for, so thank you Liv for giving me this amazing opportunity.

Hope you guys have a lovely week! Last year was honestly such a special one for me and I hope this year is just as memorable. Let’s see what 21 has in-store for me, hopefully good things.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will see you again with a fresh new post next week.

Love Sharuni xx

//20thApril 2019//

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