Some of My Favourite Pop and Suki Bags

Hey Lovelies!

This week’s post is about one of my favourite brands, Pop & Suki! I have been in love with everything Pop & Suki since they launched back in 2016 (has it been that long? OMG!). The brand was created by Poppy Jamie and Suki Waterhouse, two ladies who definitely know how to create GORGOUSE bags! So, I thought I would talk you through some of my favourite bags from the brand and tell you why I love them so much. 

First of all, the classic but cute Camera Bag:

This gorgeous number was one of my first pop & suki purchases and it’s one of the first bags I reach for when I go out for the day. Not only is it small but its spacious, there’s more than enough room inside to fit all my essentials and if you want something a bit spacious go for the Bigger Camera Bag as it has even more room inside. It’s definitely one of my must have bags and if you’re going to only buy one bag from Pop & Suki this is definitely the one to go for. 

Secondly, probably one of my favourites, the Saturn Bag:

This bag makes me feel so cool. I seriously feel like the coolest chic around and I honestly don’t know what it is about the bag that makes me feel this way but OMG I’m in love with it! It’s one of my most recent purchases and I can’t get enough of it, there is something so beautiful about the design and shape of it that makes it the perfect accessory for any outfit. So, to conclude I love this bag and I need it in a million more colours. 

The cutest bag around, the Lolita Bag:

When I first saw this bag, I wasn’t too sure if it was something, I’d be able to pull off but I decided to take the risk and buy it and I’m  so glad I did. This bag is literally the cutest and such a bold little accessory which compliments most outfits. I’m so glad I got my hands on it!

This next bag is STUNNING, Box Bag:

The first time I took this bag out, it definitely turned some heads. It’s so cool and elegant, bloody hell I can’t get enough of it! It’s one of those bags which make you feel so ‘adult’ and put together but are so fun to carry around and perfectly dresses up an outfit. 

This list wouldn’t be complete without the Takeout Bag:

This little gem is just BEAUTIFUL! Pop & Suki have done it again, another head turner of a bag, I have never been complimented so much on a bag before. This bag is the perfect little gem for days out, carrying flowers and most of all to take with you on sunny holidays. 

To Summarise, I love all their bags! I would definitely suggest you have a little browse on their website because my pictures do not do them justice. Pop & Suki have also recently released a few vegan alternatives for some of their bags.

Love Sharuni xx

//23rd February 2019//

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