The 1975!

Hey Lovelies!

Last month I was lucky enough to see The 1975 perform live for the first time and it was AMAZING! You know you have started the year off right, especially in terms of concerts, when you are continuously singing the lyrics to some of your favourite songs from that evening. 

I have always been a fan of The 1975, but I never thought I would get a chance to see them live in concert, not because they haven’t performed in Birmingham before but because I wasn’t sure if their concert would be something I would enjoy. And I can honestly say that they proved me wrong. 

If I could see them perform again tonight, without a doubt I would, not only are they amazing performers but there wasn’t a single moment during that evening when they were anything but themselves. There are some artists who, as much as they love performing, don’t seem to be as comfortable in front of crowds and are not really sure how to keep the crowd immersed. The 1975 on the other hand were very immersive, they had the whole arena singing and dancing along and with such ease. 


  • Love Theme
  • The 1975
  • Give Yourself a Try
  • She’s American
  • Love Me
  • Sincerity Is Scary
  • It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)
  • Loving Someone
  • The Ballad of Me and My Brain
  • A Change of Heart
  • Narcissist (cover)
  • How to Draw / Petrichor
  • Robbers
  • Fallingforyou
  • Paris
  • I Like America & America Likes Me
  • Somebody Else
  • Girls
  • I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes)
  • Love It If We Made It
  • Chocolate
  • The Sound
  • Sex

Matty has such a good stage presence, there’s something about the way he moves around the stage and interacts with the crowd which is just so entertaining. And compared to other concerts I have been to recently, the design and lighting elements used by The 1975 were absolutely amazing! Each set design perfectly complimented the song and even though It was very bright, it wasn’t distracting or over the top. 

If you get the chance to see them, then definitely go because you will not be disappointed! 

Love Sharuni xx

//7thFebruary 2019//

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