How I Balance University Life

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It’s the start of a new year, the start of another semester at university and of course a million more deadlines. In this week’s post I thought I would write a bit about how I try to balance the stress of university, writing blogs and just finding time to socialise. 

Since I started university, last September, I found it hard to adapt to the change in routine, especially having to keep on top of all my upcoming deadlines. When you’re in school or college, you rely so heavily on your teachers to remind you about upcoming deadlines and help you when you’re struggling, so when it comes to university you truly feel the responsibility of being in charge of your own education. 

Even though university can be quite stressful, is can also be some of the best years of your lives. For me, it was only since I started second year, I truly started to enjoy university. For that reason, I think it’s important to find that balance between university and your social life, understanding when you should say yes or no to going out, or when sometimes putting down the work and spending the day with your friends is what you really need. 

There are weeks when you find yourself drowning in work and others where you are free as a bird. I have noticed that when I have really busy week, it’s nice to have the day off to spend it with your friends, maybe see family or just have some time to yourself. But at the same time making sure you know that even during your slow weeks you can try and get some work done, just to make sure you keep on top of notes and more importantly not overwhelm yourself during the weeks you have deadlines. 

Blogging has become such a big part of my weekly routine, finding the time to write posts, come up with new ideas and taking pictures are just a few other things I try to get done during the week. So, finding a way to get a post a week up whilst keeping on top of university work can be quite a struggle. Instead, I try not to force myself to get that weekly post up, or write 2/3 posts in a day ready for the weeks to come and other times I fall a bit behind so write 2 in a week. Writing blog posts is something I genuinely enjoy doing but sometimes it’s important to know when I should prioritise university over a weekly post. When it comes to taking pictures for the post, well I’m very blessed to have friends who are so willing to take my pictures for me and if needs be, I try to take a handful of pictures at once. It all sounds pretty crazy but I realised that if I want to keep writing posts then I have to make the time to do it, even if that means I don’t have the time to always post them weekly. 

Finding time to spend with you friends and family, may seem like it’s second nature but once the work starts to pile on it makes it harder to find the time. But finding the time to do so is not only good for your own wellbeing but it also makes your week that little bit brighter. I know it sounds a bit crazy that I keep saying this, but honestly, try and make plans with friends and fail as much as possible, try to put that extra effort in because even though university can be overwhelming , it’s important to find the time to do things that you want and make time for those you enjoy spending time with. 

I hope this post was helpful and if you’d like me to write more university posts in the future then just drop me a message. 

Love Sharuni xx

//26thJanuary 2019//

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