A Final Goodbye to 2018:

Hey Lovelies, Happy New Years Eve!

It’s officially the last day of 2018 and what a year it has been!

It has definitely been a whirlwind of emotions this year, many ups and downs but I wouldn’t change anything about it. So many amazing things have happened this year (like I mentioned in the post before) and I have learnt some much needed life lessons, it’s crazy to think how much can change in a year.


After moving out for university, the last year has been a bit crazy, I don’t think I really realised how much moving out would change me as a person and force me to be a real adult (or as close to being an adult as possible). When I first moved out, I really struggled with living away from home, not being able to have the support of my family around me and not being able to see them as often. Honestly, that made it harder for me to enjoy first year, I struggled with letting people know how I truly felt and found it difficult to socialise with the people around me. Usually when people meet me, I’m chatting away like there’s no tomorrow, but I think being forced out of my comfort zone was much harder for me than I expected.


After a very emotional and somewhat struggle of first year, I have definitely enjoyed second year, I feel so much more like myself. Sometimes taking yourself out of an environment or social situation can make such a difference to your emotional state, and for me moving into a house with people I truly enjoyed spending time with, who made me feel loved and happy was probably the best decision I have made.

Moving away for university forced me into situations where I had to become more independent, I had to go out on my own and fend for myself. For me, that was such a drastic change but it made me feel more so much more confident to go out and do things I enjoy without needing someone to come with me or needing someone’s approval when I do things. It also made me more money conscious, I had to be more aware on what I was spending my money on, so I wouldn’t spend a whole month’s rent on clothes (luckily that hasn’t happened yet).



2018 wouldn’t be as special as it was without the people in my life, the friends who have had my back no matter what, who make me smile and make me feel just as important in their lives as they are in mine. Something I have learnt over the years is that some friends are for life and others come and go, but I feel so lucky to say that the friends I have now are the ones I see myself growing old with, the ones I know will be there for all the important milestones to come. So, thank you to all the beautiful people in my life, you know who you are, especially my two favourite besties who have been through all the ups and downs with me since secondary school. Also, a massive thank you to all the friends I have made since starting university, you guys are bloody amazing and I can’t wait for all the amazing new adventures 2019 has waiting for us.

Family are for life and even though I’ve had so many ups and downs with mine this year, I am so grateful for them. So many wonderful memories shared and I can’t wait to make so many more next year. Something I will always treasure about my family is knowing that no matter how many times we argue or irritate one another, I know that they will always be there for me, support me and love me, and that’s all you need.

Over the last year I have started to enjoy more time by myself, exploring the city I live in, reading books and just spending time without having to worry about anything. Something that I have learnt over the last year is that it is so important to spend more time doing things for yourself, even if it’s for a few hours, because I think sometimes in the hustle and bustle of things we forget to look after ourselves.


I have learnt so many things about myself this year one, being that I don’t need to be anyone but myself, I don’t need to change the way I behave or stop doing the things I love just so I can fit into the crowd. It’s so important to be true to yourself and not let society force its expectations or norms on you. As cliché as it sounds, I think I am slowly finding myself, truly understanding what is important to me and surround myself with the people I know are going to bring positivity and love into my life.

I hope you all have had a lovely 2018, or as lovely as it could be, and I wish you all a wonderful 2019 filled with happy memories, laughter and just a lot of positivity! I’ll see you all in the new year.

Love Sharuni xx

//31stDecember 2018//



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