My Favourite Christmas Spots In London

Hey lovelies, Merry Christmas Eve!

Sorry for the lack of posts these last few weeks. I have been so unwell recently and too top it off my laptop decides to stop working when I have a million deadlines to get done. But enough of the negative stuff, this week’s post includes all my favourite festive places in London, from places you can eat to pretty Christmas trees, I hope you enjoy reading it.

One of my favourite places in London to see pretty lights during the festive season is definitely Regent Street, there is something about the buzz of Christmas shoppers, bright Christmas lights and Christmas decorations that make me feel all fuzzy and warm inside. And if you follow me on Instagram you will definitely know that I have taken a fair few pictures of the Christmas decoration on Regent Street.

Covent Garden is another London gem which never disappoints when it comes to Christmas, not only do they have a Christmas tree standing at 55ft tall decorated with 30,00 lights and a glittery bow in the Piazza but they also have their iconic glitter ball and mistletoe decorations in the market building and too top it all off they have a beautiful Infinity chamber light installation in Conduit Court.


Annabel’s Mayfair have certainly set the bar high this year when it comes to Christmas decorations. When you think of house decorations, you would usually imagine a few twinkling lights and maybe some window decorations, but Annabel’s have taken into to another level. While we’re talk about pretty impressive Christmas decorations, I would recommend you have a wonder around Chelsea to see some very festive house front decorations, everything from beautifully made wreaths to a nutcracker or two.

First of all, can we all take a moment to appreciate how beautifully decorated the Ivy Chelsea Garden is, everything from the huge candy canes to the myriad of Christmas baubles. If you are passing the Ivy Garden, definitely pop in, they have such yummy brunch options, my favourite is there avocado and spinach benedict!

Peggy Porschen’s without a doubt always have such amazing Christmas decorations and this year is no different. there’s always a perfect picture opportunity in front of their doorway, I mean who wouldn’t want to have a picture of that festive twinkly display. Now I have seen my fair share of Christmas wreaths this year, but I can say that without a doubt Peggy’s have one of the best ones out there, for someone who CANNOT ski I would love to have a go at those slopes, even if they’re not real. Now the real reason why we all love Peggy’s, the cupcakes! First of all, their cupcakes are always absolutely delicious but somehow, they because 100 times better during Christmas and it may only be because of that adorable little snowman on top.

No trip to London is complete without a visit to Sketch London, if that’s for afternoon tea or some lunch. But during the festive season, a visit at sketch is a must! I could think of a hundred reasons why sketch during Christmas is magical. some of the main reasons to go is first of all for the delicious food, especially their dessert (YUMMY!), to see a dancing sugar plum fairy cause where else will you get a chance to see that but obviously the main reason is to see the pods decorated for Christmas, and honestly, it’s definitely worth seeing.

There are so many more festive places to see around London, but these are some of my favourite. However, if you get a chance, I would highly recommend a trip to Christmas at Kew because it’s absolutely magical.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas!

Love Sharuni xx

//24thDecember 2018//

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