How I Stay Organised

I’m officially a second year and as much as I am excited to delve into all the new content, I am fully aware that the work load is going to be much harder, which means I have to be more organised. For anyone who knows me, they know that my organisation skills aren’t amazing, and it’s only been since I’ve started university that I have started to keep on top of my assignments and try to make sure I don’t overwhelm myself.

I wouldn’t call myself a pro nor am I the most organised person in the world, but I can say that over the last year I have found a few things that help me keep on top of everything. First of all, buy a planner or diary because it will be your new best friend! Without my planner I would be definitely be lost. I use my planner to keep track of all my upcoming assignment deadlines, plans I make with friends and families and holidays. Having an overview of what your month looks like will help you know when to start writing assignments, what days you have off to catch up on notes or just to see when you have days to relax and do something for yourself.

I would also recommend you invest in a weekly planner, something you can keep on your desk or wall. Being able to see what my week looks like in more detail helps me plan out when I’m going to write up lecture notes or assignments. It also means that you can try to plan your days more efficiently leaving yourself more time to do fun things during the week, so instead of spending your hour long gaps between lectures procrastinating you could instead go over lecture notes. I know for a fact that I don’t always keep to my weekly planners but I try to make sure that everything I want to do that week is completed at some point during the week, even if it’s not when I had it etched in.

I don’t have many organisation techniques, but these two are definitely my most important and ones I would suggest people try and do. Know ones perfect and sometimes we do have slip-ups but by having some structure to our weeks or months will help ensure that we get all the important things done so we have more time to enjoy the university experience. I hope these were helpful and if you ever need to ask me a question then drop me a message or comment below, thank you for reading.

Love Sharuni xx
//8th October 2018//

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