Back to University

It’s crazy to think that university starts in a few days and summer is actually over! It feels like yesterday when we broke up for the holidays and I was jetting off to Sri Lanka, and now here we are at the end of the holidays getting ready to move into a house and be thrown back into uni life.

Honestly, when I first started university I felt so unsettled and struggled to find a balance between university life and living on my own, it took me a good few weeks to settle into the new routine. Making sure I was able to cook often enough, keep on top of my university work as well as socialise with my flatmates and course mates was something that took me some time to get used too. People always see me as this happy, bubbly and confident person who is so social, but once I started university all that disappeared. I found it difficult to find the confidence to talk to people and moving away from home was another safety blanket I couldn’t hold onto, but being pushed into the deep end was definitely something I needed and I don’t regret moving away from home.

This year, it’s all about new challenges, harder work and new responsibilities, which is scary but also exciting. Moving into an actual house, living with people I actually want to live with and making that space our own is something I have been excited about for a while. As much as I’m dreading all the deadlines, I also can’t wait to get back into a routine. I’m not going to lie, the idea of writing essays still scares the shit out of me and let’s not get started on statistics. But I have realised that there is no point freaking out about the inevitable, and instead if I just stay positive and not let it all get to my head I can tackle each problem one at a time. It’s also comforting to know that I have such supportive friends who not only motivate me but have my back whenever I’m at the point of a meltdown.

I’m not saying that this year is going to be a breeze because it’s definitely not going to be but I feel more confident that I can face those challenges and overcome those fears I have about university as well as all the responsibilities that come with living in a house. As long as I don’t have to deal with any spiders, I should be good.

For all the first years, don’t worry if you’re nervous cause everyone else is in the same boat and don’t stress over making friends cause that’ll happen naturally, you will find people who have similar interests to bond with. And for everyone else good luck with university and just getting through another year of deadlines and exams. WE CAN DO THIS!

Love Sharuni xx

//27th September 2018//

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