Farewell Summer

For some reason I can’t come to terms with the idea that the summer season is officially over and even though I love autumn winter, I’m going to miss all those sunny warm days.

2018 has already been a pretty crazy year, but I can honestly say that this summer has been an adventure in itself, everything from crazy heatwaves to finally visiting Sri Lanka, it has been a very memorable few months.

Sometimes I have overwhelming expectations for the summer holidays, always imagining it to be busy, exciting and unforgettable, but over the years I have come to realise that not all summers are going to be filled with memorable moments or even a million days out.  Sometimes, it’s nice to sit back and do absolutely nothing but laze around with friends or family, read a book or just binge TV shows and honestly after a busy academic year that’s a perfect way to relax. But then it is also nice to get out, make those memorable moments and make every day count.  Finding that perfect balance between making the most out of the summer and still getting time to just be is hard but personally very important and I can honestly say that this year I feel like I have found that balance.

If it wasn’t for the amazing weather I would’ve most likely spent the majority of my holidays hidden in the house reading and binging TV, but because we were graced with so much sunshine, going out and visiting flower fields, old houses and even little trips to London were even more enjoyable then before. I love being outside and actually seeing blue skies instead of horrible cloudy ones.

Sri Lanka was definitely the highlight of the whole summer holidays, those two weeks of exploring the little island that both my parents grew up in was something I’ll never forget. Being able to see everything and actually visualise all those stories I was told about my parent’s lives, is something I will treasure forever. I honestly cannot wait to go back and experience it all over again, visit all the places we didn’t get a chance to see and eat some proper Sri Lankan food, cause what gets better than that.

Concerts in general are without a doubt in my top 5 when it comes to the best things that have happened this summer and that’s not an exaggeration.  Being able to see some of my favourite artists perform live on stage was incredible, especially being able to see both James Bay and Hozier perform in some very intimate venues. Music is such a big part of our lives and sometimes you can’t really appreciate the raw talent of artists these days without seeing them perform live. Concerts are great experiences but what I love even more about them is being able to experience those moments with friends or family who have that same appreciation for those artists and their music. Being able to see Hozier live with one of my best friends and experience all that excitement with her was so lovely.

I’m definitely sad that summer is over, not only because it means I have to go back to the stress of university but because I will honestly miss making those memories no matter how small they were. However, saying all that I am so exciting for autumn and all the cosiness it brings. YAY AUTUMN! Also it means we’re closer to CHRISTMAS!!!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely summer and are just as excited as I am for autumn winter.


Love Sharuni xx

//23rd September 2018//


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