Sun, Sea and Sand

Summer is coming to an end and in less than a month I will be back at university drowning in deadlines, so as a last farewell to the sunshine, my mama took us away to Turkey for a week. Usually when we go on holidays, they tend to be city escapes and very intense, when I mean intense I mean hours of walking just so we can complete our long lists of places we want to see. But this holiday was totally different, we spent most of the holiday relaxing, eating, swimming in our pool and taking sunset strolls on the beach. Absolute bliss!

The hotel we stayed at was right on the beach, which meant that we were able to spend a lot of time there and still only be a 2 minute walk from our room. But what made the trip even more blissful was having a private pool just outside our room all to ourselves. Which meant we could have a dip in the pool whenever we wanted and not have to be surrounded by lots of people.


Relaxation is not only important for the body but also for the mind, and so being able to unwind and spend a few says swimming in a pool, reading and taking spontaneous naps was amazing. But that doesn’t mean I forgot about all those tense muscles cause after all that hunching over laptops, I definitely had a lot of them. I have never experience a Spa treatment like the one I had on holiday. If I could experience all of it again exactly like that, I would jump at the opportunity. After a two and a half hour spa treatment, my whole body felt like jelly and all I wanted to do was have a nap in the sun, that’s saying something especially for someone who doesn’t like to day nap.

But most of all, I loved being able to have time to myself, having an excuse to dress up in the evenings and just being able to immerse myself in a good book. I think sometimes we don’t appreciate the slow days, the ones where we have nothing to do, nothing worry about and most all just time to ourselves and with our loved ones. Sometimes were so busy that we forget to look after ourselves or find time to spend with friends and family, and that’s so important especially when everyone is always on the go.


I’m very grateful for all the holidays I was able to go on this year and even more grateful for being able to finally visit Sri Lanka. Hopefully I will have more exciting holidays coming up in the future, maybe even a Christmas getaway.

It was such a nice change to be able to go away for a few days before having to face the reality of university and all the errands that had been piling up for weeks. Sometimes having that break before trying to tackle a lot of work is the best way to do it, going into things with a fresh mind just make it that much easier. So now I’m back and all refreshed, I have been feeling so productive the last week and so excited to get back into a routine and just get lots of stuff crossed off my to-do lists.

Love Sharuni xx

//08th September 2018//

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