University and It’s Struggles

Everyone always talks about university being the best years of your life, how you should cherish them and make the most out of them before you have to start a full time job. What they don’t talk about is the transition from college, sixth form or a gap year to university, the change in lifestyle and independence. As much as it can be exciting to start a new chapter of your life, it’s also a very scary experience, more so for some than others.

Honestly, my experience of university during the first two weeks wasn’t a good one, I struggled with being away from home, making friends and adjusting to living on my own. One thing people don’t tell you about university, is that if you’re not one to go out and party, it can be quite a lonely experience. During those first two weeks, i felt alone, I didn’t feel like I has anyone to talk to, and to make it worse my parents would phone daily which made me miss home even more. One thing I would suggest to anyone who gets homesick during the start of university, don’t go back home for at least 2/3 weeks, because as soon as you go home it’ll be harder to go back to university and stay there without feeling even more homesick.

I don’t want people to think first year is horrible, because it really is not, in fact after a while I absolutely loved it, but I do what to point out that everyone has their ow experiences and that for some people it’s much harder than it is for others. Whilst I slowly adjusted to university life, I know some people who struggled with the homesickness and the London lifestyle that they dropped out, not because they didn’t enjoy their course but they would rather be closer to home where they feel comfortable. An important thing to remember is that no matter how you feel someone else is probably experiencing the same thing as you and so don’t feel like you’re alone.

Based on the course you’re taking, your hours at university vary, as a psychology student I only have 5 hours of lectures and 4 hours of seminars, which means a lot of the time I’m doing a lot of independent study, whilst other people may be at university for over 20 hours a week because of how hands on their course may be. This may mean that you won’t always see you flat mates, so try and plan to have dinners together, just so you can try and socialise with them.

Compared to the other students I lived with, my workload was heavier in a different sense, whilst I has essays to write every other week they were completing projects. So however hard your subject may be, take into consideration that your flatmates are also stressed.

First year has been pretty amazing but there were many occasions when I have felt alone and depressed, that’s not something to be upset about, if you feel low sometimes that’s fine because the next day will be better and gradually you’ll feel more comfortable.

Perceiver, stay positive and keep smiling. (Cheesy I know)

If at any point you want to talk or get something off your chest just send me a message and I will gladly have a chat with you.

Love Sharuni xx

//28th April 2018//

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