Sri Lanka

Out of all the places I have wanted to visit in the world, Sri Lanka has always been at the top of the list. Not only is it the place where both my parents grew up but it’s the part of my history that I have never fully understood. Whenever my parents talk about their youth, I have always found it hard to imagine what their lives were like. So being able to go and see it myself, experience all its beauty, has always been so important for me.  And it finally happened!

It’s been a bit over a month since I got back from Sri Lanka but I already want to go back only this time hopefully come back with less insect bites. Hopefully over the next 2 two or three posts I am going to break down some of my favourite spots that you should definitely visit as well as how we approached exploring Sri Lanka.

We spent about 13 days travelling around Sri Lanka, mainly exploring Jaffna and all the little villages around it and then the last 4/5 days making our way back to Colombo, on the way visiting some of their beautiful sandy beaches and one of their spectacular national elephant parks. My love for Sri Lanka definitely grew after visiting it but that was probably mainly because of all the elephants we saw J

One thing that probably shocked me whilst in Sri Lanka, was the amount of cows who without a care in the world would casually stroll across main roads whenever they wanted to, and wouldn’t move unless they wanted to, to the extent cars and motorbikes have to drive around them to get passed. But even that was absolutely hilarious at times, in fact, I don’t think there was an aspect of the whole holiday, other than the insects of course, that made me regret going there.

We were lucky in the sense that my uncle had been making yearly trips to Sri Lanka for a while and so we had our own personal tour guide for the duration of our visit. But for people visiting on their own I would be wary of locals trying to bump up prices because they know your tourists, especially at well-known attraction sites and national parks. Most things in Sri Lanka are quite cheap and there are many things you can see for free so in that sense budget wise it’s a perfect holiday. In fact, if you visit a local restaurant you would only be spending about £1 if that for a meal for one.

The bustling city of Colombo is definitely a place to visit but without a doubt there are so many small cities and even villages that are well worth a visit, such as Kandy which surrounds a beautiful lake and the hilly village of Nuwara Eliya where can you go tea tasting.

I cannot wait to share all the exciting moments of my holibobs with you gorgeous people, so make sure you watch this place.

Love Sharuni xx

//15th June 2018//

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