It’s officially spring!

Spring has always been my favourite time of the year, it’s the right balance of sunshine and rain. I love seeing the flowers bloom all colours of the rainbow, and sunny days by the beach. But most of all, spring always feels like a fresh start, cleaning up getting rid of all those winter clothes, preparing for holidays in the sunshine, end of the school year and taking pictures a million pictures outside. I’m not saying I don’t love the summer but there is something about spring that makes me happy.

A new spring outing I’ve started with my mum is exploring the British countryside, more specifically the myriad of floral crops that blossom during the spring months. Last year, we went to a local farm, where you could see mile long lavender crops, buzzing bees and spring at its greatest. This year, I have a handful of crop fields in mind that I hope to visit, hopefully finding some lovely ones to share with you.

Spring in London, is something I’ve only experienced a few times, even though I spend most of my summers in London, I haven’t had a chance to experience the full extent of spring. So this year I’m planning to make the most of it. That means hundreds of photos of London during spring time, hopefully some lovely spring posts and a lot of exploring. So fingers crossed a lot of great content on the way.

Finally, a quote by Rupi Kaur which not only expresses my love for spring but perfectly explains its beauty,

‘Bees came for honey, Flowers giggled as they undressed themselves, For the taking, The sun smiled’

Love Sharuni xx

//24th March 2018//

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