Slow Weeks and Feeling Blue

The past week has been pretty slow and unproductive and that’s honestly not always a bad thing, sometimes you need a lazy few days to reenergise and take a breather. Spending the majority of the week getting through some of the books on my bedside table has been really nice. Reading is a sort of escape for me, in those few hours I let myself get consumed by the book and forget about everything and that feeling is so blissful.

But I think at some point during the week I started to doubt myself and hit a low point, but honestly I don’t know why and that’s quite scary. Knowing how easily you can go from feeling relaxed and happy to being sombre and stressed. Our mind is so intricate but delicate that even the smallest of setbacks can make you feel like a failure. Those failures, no matter how small they are, can make happy day sad.

Recently, over the last year or so, I have come to realise that even though I’ve had days where nothing seems to be going to plan and I’m trying to keep myself together, they all make me who I am. It may sound cheesy but sometimes those bad days makes you want to work harder, stay motivated and block out all that hate. Those bad days make the good ones even sweeter, makes those happy moments even more memorable and makes every moment special.

This week’s blog was supposed to be a fun summer post and honestly I had so many outings planned for this week, but there will be days, weeks maybe even months where you feel like nothing is going to plan and all I can say is that it does get better and it may be hard but stay positive.

Even though these last few days haven’t been the best, I’m going to make sure next week isn’t the same by staying positive and not giving up on myself.


Love Sharuni xx

//22nd July 2018//

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