Photo Shoot With Alex Cameron

I think people assume photo shoots are meant for professional purposes, for those who have a platform to share them on but honestly you don’t need a few thousand followers as an excuse to take some pretty pictures. Sometimes it’s nice to spoil yourself, be a little selfish and do something that makes you happy even if that means getting dressed up and posing in front of a camera.

Alex Cameron is a total babe, she’s lovely to work with and produces some of the prettiest pictures, and I absolutely adore her work. Being able to work with someone who is so invested in helping women love themselves and their bodies, was amazing.

Standing in front of a camera and being expected to pose can be so daunting, the pressure to make yourself look good so you pictures turn out exactly how you want them is stressful. So having a photographer who makes you comfortable, eases your nerves and somehow makes the whole experience enjoyable is so important, not only do you have fun whilst taking the pictures but it also means the pictures come out great!

As much as I love Alex’s work and her as a person, you don’t need to go to a professional photographer to take some pretty pictures. Even if it’s as simple as you in a park taking pictures with a friend or a few cute selfies it doesn’t matter because at the end of the day anything that makes you happy is good enough. But I’m a little bias and if I were to do something like this again, Alex would definitely be the person I go to, mainly because she somehow knows how to make me feel so comfortable.

Going out and taking pictures isn’t for everyone, and it definitely not the only way you can feel better about yourself, but if you ever feel like taking some picture for yourself then don’t hold back. No matter how creative or out there they look, as long as they make you feel better than nothing else matters.

Love Sharuni xx

//2nd July 2018//

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