It’s April Baby!

April is definitely my favourite month of the year, not only because its spring but cause it’s my BIRTHDAY MONTH! Whoop!


I may be a little excited.

The last three months have been crazy, I have been so busy with university work, trying to finish all my deadlines before the end of the year, find a house for next year and trying not to freeze to death cause of all the snow we’ve been having.  So all in all it has been a pretty crazy three months. This month is a bit less stressful, I have a few deadlines to submit before the 20th and then I have officially finished the first year of university, all that’s left is trying to find a house for second year, hopefully one that won’t break the bank and is somewhat habitable. But April is also a pretty exciting month, firstly I’m going to see both Sam Smith and Harry Styles Live in concert, which I’m so excited for. Secondly I turn 20 and if I’m being totally honest I’m kind of scared, not because 20 is a scary age but because there are so many things I still want to achieve and time just seems to be flying by. And finally, I’m going to Sri Lanka, the place both my parent were born and probably the most beautiful country ever! (I may be slightly bias)

Another thing about April this year is that it is my first time in over 13 years I’m going to be in London without my family for my birthday, which I’m bot excited and scared about. Due to university deadlines I’m probably going to spend my birthday stuck in my room trying to finish of assignments, so that’s not going to be fun. But hopefully unlike previous years, I’m going to go all out and have a day out doing all the things I want to, without worrying about other people. Sounds selfish, but sometimes spending your birthday alone without having to hold small talk with people who only phone once a year is nice.

This year, April will probably be my busiest and hopefully least stressful months, a few weeks of not having to think about house hunting and just submitting my final deadlines and then being free. For that reason, as soon as my last deadline is over, I’m going to spend the rest of the month, before I go on holiday, exploring London and hopefully enjoying the sunny spring weather, fingers crossed we don’t get too much rain.


I cannot wait to share all the exiting things that I have planned for April!

Love Sharuni xx

//7th April 2018//

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