International Women’s Day

Thursday 8th March.

Probably not the most significant day to everyone, but for most women it’s a day filled with self-love, appreciating other women and always fighting for what we believe in. Women’s day can mean many different things for so many people, but this year, for me, it’s about friends, the people who hold you up and never let you go.

It’s my first year at university, away from home and away from the people that make me feel safe, a year to make new friends but also to see if the already existing friend stick around. Growing up means changing, adapting to new scenarios and finding the things that make you happy, but it’s also about seeing whether the people you care about the most stick by you.

With that said, I’m so grateful to be surrounded by friends, women, who have always made me feel important, loved and happy. I have two best friends, two ladies in my life who I’ve known since secondary school, and I feel lucky to say that through all the distance, and lack of time to see each other, I can still say that if I have even the smallest of problems I can turn to them for guidance and help.

It’s important for us as women to not only support one another but stop others from putting us down, from telling us when we can’t do something or that we have to do something because it’s what women are meant to do. There isn’t a book which labels the jobs of men and women, so why should we let society make us think otherwise, why should we let people control us and the way live. The only way to stop people from treating women like this, is too speak up, make sure our voice is heard and that we won’t stop until we’re all treated like equals.

Women’s day isn’t about oppressing men, it’s about making sure that they understand that women aren’t always treated equally with in society, and sadly sometimes it’s other women who stop women from breaking the barriers which stop us from reaching our goals.

I want to leave with you with a poem by Rupi Kaur, ‘the kindest words my father said to me women like you drown oceans’.

Love Sharuni xx

//10th March 2018//

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