Flower Fields


Anyone who knows me will know I have a slight obsession with flowers, well anything floral in general!

So I thought what better way to spread the love for flower power then a post all about my favourite flower fields. This summer I made the most of all the sunshine and went to one of my favourite flower fields, a purple haze of a lavender field in the Cotswold. As well as a very exciting flower field farm, which has captured my flower loving heart! (Sappy I know)


Lavender fields in Britain are so beautiful!

Being surrounded by fields of lavender can be so soothing and relaxing especially during the sunny summer months. This year we made the journey up to the Cotswold around mid-July, when the lavender buds were fully bloomed and all shades of purple. And I have to say that summer isn’t the same without a little trip to visit lavender fields, they make summer so much sweeter.

For any Londoners who want to visit a lavender farm closer to home, I would definitely recommend you visit the Mayfair Lavender Fields because not only is it just an hour’s drive away from London but it is absolutely beautiful and extremely popular amongst the Instagram community.

Now just a little warning, there are A LOT of bumble bees around the lavender and I mean hundreds. So if you don’t like bees for any reason I wouldn’t recommend walking through the lavender fields because all you’ll see is lots of bees buzzing around.



Aside from visiting my favourite lavender field, we also visited a very colourful flower farm field, which I have to say is my new top favourite. Being surrounded by so many colourful pretty delphinium flowers was pretty amazing and a dream of a day for a flower lover like myself. The petals are all shades of pastel colours; pink, red, blue and purple and look undeniably heavenly.


If I could visit flower fields like this one all year long I would, especially if it means capturing more wonderfully blissful pictures like I did this year.

Hopefully next year I can venture to a few more flower fields and bask in there floral goodness!

Love Sharuni xx

//08th August 2018//

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