Elan Café

London is full of unique and quirky cafes, they are probably one of my favourite things about living in the city. So I love it when I discover a new café, it doesn’t matter if it’s not the snazziest or the most elaborate, as long as it has something that makes it one of a kind, you will find me there.

Elan Café is beautiful, elegant and PINK!


The café is known for its pink décor, cute quotes and a wall covered in flowers, basically an instaworthy dream. Located in Knightsbridge and Mayfair, with opening hours only till midday the café is the perfect place for a coffee stop or even breakfast with friends.

I’m a sucker for décor and florals and this café did not disappoint, not only did it have a a blossom tree made for spring, but it had a wall decorated with pink flowers!

A lovely day was to start the day.

Compared to other cafes in London, it is very much on the pricier side, which doesn’t make it one of the top places I would recommend to people. But if you want to experience a café which is different and quirky, something similar to Peggy Porschen but also unique in its own way, then I Elan is perfect.

If you do decide to pop in for a coffee or cake, I recommend going to their Knightsbridge branch, which is across the road from the V&A Museum, making it a perfect day out.

Love Sharuni xx

//4th February 2018//

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