Convention: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

Over the last few years, I have been to my fair share of conventions and I have yet to decide if I like them or not. So I thought what better way to hash out my ideas by writing them all down and at the same time give you an insight into conventions and what to expect.

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The Good:

I think it’s a bit obvious why conventions can be pretty amazing; being able to meet some of your favourite actors and actresses is pretty cool, especially when they genuinely want to meet their fans. An aspect of conventions I like is being able to see how dedicated people are when cosplaying. Some of the attendees go all out and really get into the spirit of things. Some cosplayers really get into the character by making sure every tiny detail is accurate. Besides the cosplayers, I love walking around the convention hall and looking at all the different vendor stalls. There are so many independent shops and you’ll see everything from hand-drawn art to nail art stalls. But most of all I love the atmosphere!


The Bad & the Ugly:

These two definitely of go hand in hand, mainly because the ugliness of conventions is a result of the bad or its downfalls. Conventions can be amazing spaces to meet your favourite TV or movie character, but they can also be very draining and sometimes even a tad bit extreme. Many of the conventions I have been to tend to have problems with organisation. For example, it may be a problem with the schedule, queue organisation or simply over-selling too many tickets for certain guests that ruins the experience of meeting them.

Queuing is something you definitely have to be prepared for as convention organisers tend to oversell tickets as much as possible to make a profit from the event, which results in too many people buying a ticket to meet that specific celebrity. Even though they willingly oversell tickets, there is still a lack of organisation when it comes to meet and greets which results in fans being rushed through and only having a mere 30 seconds if that.

MONEY! Getting into most conventions isn’t too expensive but the prices to get an autograph or a picture with guests can be very pricey, which definitely sucks because it may mean you have to save up quite a bit to meet guests.


Taking into consideration all the good and bad aspects of conventions, I can honestly say that I have met some pretty amazing people over the last few years and have had some genuinely lovely interactions with them.

Love Sharuni xx

//01 August 2018//

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