A Trip Down Memory Lane

This week I decided to have a little walk down memory lane and look through some old photos of me and my favourite ladies. My two besties who have been by my side for so many years, through thick and thin. I have had many friends over the years, some who I can see after weeks and just click with and others who I have lost contact with because of time and distance. Some friendships last and others tend to fade away, but those memories you make with those people are everlasting. So having a trip down memory lane is a nice way to reminisce on all those special moments we’ve shared and the never ending laughter.


First little throwback is from 2016, back when I didn’t have to worry about housing, bills and deadlines. One of my favourite memories from 2016 was celebrating Holi with Patricia and Conny and how we ended up in my back garden, in the rain, throwing coloured powder at each other. Whenever I’m around these two, no matter how badly our plans get messed up, we somehow always find a way to make the best of the day. So when we found out the local temple had cancelled their event for Holi cause of the rain we decided to have our own Holi festival in my back garden with my dogs!

Movie days were a big part of our teenage days, just sitting together watching an endless amount of movies, gossiping all day and eating way too much. Most of the time we end up all cuddled together on the sofa or sprawled all over the carpet, talking about everything and anything that comes to mind.

London Baby! Exploring my favourite city with my favourite people, what could get better than that? I think all three of us have a love for exploring the streets of London, especially all those cute cafes, sitting in the parks on a sunny day or in Patricia’s case a trip to the Science Museum. But more than that it’s being able to have a few days away together, just making the most out of the holidays and our new found freedom before we have to go off to Uni. No matter if it’s a weekend or a week long, we somehow always find something exciting to do and more importantly make memories that we’ll never forget!

This year we have all been a bit busy, so summer plans have been scattered but nevertheless they have been just as wonderful! Feeling spoiled with so much sunny weather we decided to have a picnic and having a much needed catch-up. Honestly, not always being able to see each other and having bulks of time between when we meet up can be pretty hard because no matter how much you try to catch-up you tend to miss those little moments.


From now on I not only want to try harder in being more aware of what is happening in the lives of my loved ones but also to try harder to make the time to meet up because at the end of the day I wouldn’t be who I am without them.

Love Sharuni xx

//15th August 2018//

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