72 Hours in Poland

Spontaneity definitely isn’t my thing especially whilst abroad, so planning a trip to Poland pretty much last minute was quite wild for me. So I wasn’t too stressed about booking a holiday so late, but I wasn’t exactly excited about not knowing what we wanted to see or do whilst we were there, especially if we had a limited time to do get things done. Time was pretty much of the essence, and we had a pretty long list of things we wanted to do before we left.


Day 1: Touch Down in Warsaw

First of all I feel absolutely blessed that we had such beautiful weather whilst we were in Warsaw. We decided to get an apartment in the middle of Old Town, which I would definitely recommend you do, not only was it close to many tourist attractions but a lovely place to stroll through during the evenings. We spent our first day exploring the Old Town, taking in the colourful architecture, eating amazing food and visiting the Royal Castle, a beautiful pinkie-red building full of history and culture. In the evening, we walked to the multi-media park which is a short walk away from the Old Town, where they had a stunning fountain display, a lovely spot to just sit and relax.


Day 2: Rise and Shine Krakow

After a very early wake up call, we took the morning train to Krakow where we started our guided tour to the Auschwitz camps. There isn’t much I want to say about the Camps other than it is something I undoubtedly recommend you visit, even if you’re only in Poland for a few days. Not only is it a part of history we should never forget but it’s one we have to learn from, so we can be sure it never happens again.  The tour itself took about 4 hours, not including the drive to and from the camps, and our tour guides where very factual and answered all our questions as best they could. If you do decide to visit the camps please be respectful and PLEASE do not take pictures when they ask you not too.

Before leaving Krakow we had a wonder around the Old Town which is just as lively and beautiful as Warsaw, stopped for a bit of dinner and got the last train back.

Day 3: Last Day Blues

The third day was definitely my favourite, not only was it a bit more relaxed, but we had the whole day to see everything we wanted to. We started off with a stroll through Lazienki Park and Palace and then ended up having a mini picnic in the sun, a lovely way to start the day. After a blissful morning, we made our way to the Warsaw Uprising Museum, a historical museum which gives you a sense of the spirit of Warsaw as well as what they faced before, during and after WW2. Later that day we visited the Places of Culture and Science, where you can get the most beautiful views of the whole of Warsaw from there viewing point. A wonderful way to end the holiday!


An early morning flight home wasn’t great but I loved exploring Poland and can’t wait to go back!

Love Sharuni xx

// 30th June 2018//

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